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Scenyo is the commercial brand of IDI EIKON which aim is the commercialization of digital signage solutions. SCENYO was widely validated in Europe (Latvia, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Romania) in the framework of the European Commission co-funded project SEED: Speeding Every European Digital, with more than 100 displays distributed in public facilities implemented by local and regional governments to promote open data through public service advertising. Some of the spots where SEED was implemented were: Tourism Information Offices, Hospitals, Elders Houses, Sports Centers, Markets, Libraries, Youth Centers, etc…

For further information, please visit: www.seed-project.eu

Scenyo is supported and developed by IDI EIKON

IDI EikonIDI EIKON is a software firm established in 1989. Its core business is the development of advanced Internet solutions in the areas of e-Government, e-Health and Digital Signage. We serve our solutions under the “SaaS: Software as a Service” model and they can be deployed across different channels: web, as you can see on mobile devices and smart TVs. IDI EIKON has recently built a strong international expertise deploying our software solutions in Europe, USA and LATAM.

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